Kobido massage

The “Kobido” massage technology has been developed for centuries to revitalize and rejuvenate facial skin, to reduce wrinkles, to shape face contours, to remove toxins improve blood circulation and lymph flow. After this procedure, mimic wrinkles reduce, facial swellings, dark circles under the eyes as well as face contours become more youthful, and the skin becomes brighter and smoother.

Having emerged in Japan, the “Kobido” facial massage technique has deep traditions; its effectiveness is confirmed by centuries of experiences. The “Kobido” massage was developed back in 1472 in order to maintain the beauty of the youth of an Empress and has been continuously improved since then. Extremely effective “Kobido” facial massage technique is distinguished by a combination of fast, strong and rhythmic movements with intensive and gentle massage strokes.

Before the massage, facial skin is cleansed and toned. Following that, “Kobido” facial massage is performed: the nervous system is stimulated with quick, rhythmic massage movements, the circulation of blood and lymph flow are restored, facial muscles are strengthened and toned, a face contour is created, toxins are removed, and facial skin is gently exfoliated. After the massage, a special cream is applied. High-quality “Mesoestetic” cosmetics is used during the procedure.

Following the “Kobido” massage:

  • skin becomes more toned and skin’s moisture balance is restored;
  • skin appearance improves; it looks younger;
  • facial wrinkles are reduced; no new wrinkles appear;
  • face muscles relax as tension decreases;
  • blood circulation and lymph flow improve;
  • toxins are eliminated as skin impurities and dead skin cells are exfoliated.

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