gua sha massage

 Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha Massage

Gua means ‘scrape’ and Sha means ‘petechiae’ (tiny, flat red, purple spots) in Chinese,” says Dr. Ervina Wu, PhD, L.Ac., and the co-founder of YINA. “Gua Sha began as a full body treatment—which most people don’t realize since facial techniques have recently become popular. The key point is to scrape the skin (commonly the upper back) to invigorate blood flow, release heat-toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage, activate various points of the body, and bring helpful cells to the area by stimulating an immune response. Sometimes this action creates some discoloration on the skin, which can look dramatic. But rest assured, there is no pain and the petechiae usually goes away within days.”

Gua Sha is clinically used in Chinese medicine for various acute and chronic illnesses such as heat stroke⁣, dizziness⁣, GI and abdominal issues, nausea vomiting, fever, and⁣ pain and soft tissue injuries⁣.

As a self-care ritual, Gua Sha is especially effective at relieving muscular tension and breaking down fascia adhesion— perfect for those with tight muscles, sluggish circulation, and tech necks.

We love Gua Sha for the following:

  • clear stagnation
  • depuff⁣
  • improve microcirculation
  • tone and smooth skin⁣
  • destress
  • balance energy⁣

The key is correct technique and consistence

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