Face massages

Face massages

Kobido massage

“Kobido” facial massage is performed: the nervous system is stimulated with quick, rhythmic massage movements, the circulation of blood and lymph flow are restored, facial muscles are strengthened and toned, a face contour is created, toxins are removed, and facial skin is gently exfoliated.


Transbuccal massage

Intraoral massage is a safe and effective manual technique that works on muscles both inside and outside the mouth, neck and throat.

The buccal massage is one of the facial massage techniques that specifically targets the drooping of the jowls (the lower region of the chin), a universally known problem area

Gua Sha massage

Gua Sha is clinically used in Chinese medicine for various acute and chronic illnesses such as heat stroke⁣, dizziness⁣, GI and abdominal issues, nausea vomiting, fever, and⁣ pain and soft tissue injuries⁣.



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