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Welcome to the massages world

Welcome to Manulanie ale fajnie – my world of holistic approach to general weall – being. To a place dedicated to massages of both the face and body.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Karolina and I am a wife, mother of two girls, caretaker of two dogs. My passions are sports, massages and reading books.

My adventure with massages began a few years ago, and the area that originally dragged me into were Japanese, lifting face massages – but it was just a beginning. My latest discovery are Brazilian Renata França method massages and I can proudly say that I am the only person in Poland who completed the courses using this method. Moreover, I am a massage instructor.

massages world

Massages are primarily a wonderful relaxation...

…of the whole body necessary for the proper functioning of.

I am convinced that I will be able to show you that without the intervention of a surgeon or an aesthetic medicine doctor, we can restore your face and body to an attractive appearance.

During massagrs I use the best quality cosmetics and oils that support and strengthen the effects of massages, and their choice depends on the treatment and the needs of your skin. My offer is addressed to both women and men.

I invite you to face and body massages using the Renata França method, moreover following massages: KOBIDO, polyvagal, transbucal, original face-lifting-draining massage, foot reflexotherapy, kinesiotaping BIO-aesthetic face, prenatal massage.

I can invite you to my Massage Salon in Piaseczno or I can enchant a scrap of space at your home.


Renata França

Slimming and body shaping massages. I guarantee a visible effect after the first treatment.

Face Massages

A wide range of facial massages, including kobido, gua sha stone massage and transbucal massage

Body massages

I offer different types of massage: foot reflexotherapy, relaxing massage or prenatal / pregnancy massage.


Do you want to learn Hhow to massage?

Trainings organize  by Manualnie ale fajnie are individual trainings tailored to your needs and possibilities. The maximum number of participants of the course is 4 people.

I am not authorized to conduct training of Renata França massages.

The dates, scope, price and place of the training are agreed with you each time. On the side of MAF Usługi Karolina Kutak-Zalewska is to provide the conditions necessary to acquire knowledge, training materials, a certificate of training completion, coffee break, lunch and models on whom you will learn and from whom you will get feedback. There is a possibility of organizing training at your office.

Soon, there will be a possibility of obtaining a grant from the Register of Training Institutions.



Before using my services, read the regulations and contraindications.