Using the services of Manualnie ale fajnie is equal to the submission by the Customer of a declaration that there are no health contraindications for using the services offered by the Massage Salon and that he/she has read and accepts the terms of these regulations.

A client of the Massage Salon may be an adult or a minor with the written consent of the parents. The staff of the Massage Salon is obliged to provide reliable information on the results, course of the massage and the service performed, and to perform it according to the applicable rules and guidelines. The Massage Salon staff is obliged to respect the privacy of the client.

Contraindications for massage:

– neoplasms,

– Osteoporosis,

– Infectious diseases,

– Hemophilia,

– Unregulated hypertension,

– Unbalanced heart defects,

– epilepsy,

– Pregnancy (1st trimester is an absolute contraindication) – massage only after consultation with the attending doctor,

– Pregnancy – incorrect course (at risk),

– Skin diseases that are often accompanied by eczema, phlegmon, blisters and tissue damage

– Increased temperature 38C,

– menstruation, we do not massage the area of the loins and the lower back, the result may be too much blood loss,

– ulcers with bleeding,

– hepatic and kidney stones,

– inflammation of the bile ducts,

– bowel diseases with ulceration,

– renal and hepatic failure,

– acute and subacute pelvic inflammation,

– fresh blood clots in the peripheral vessels,

– phlebitis,

– large varicose veins and aneurysms,

– inflammations,

– with enlargement of the lymph nodes

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Before using my services, read the regulations and contraindications.