Equilibrum Polyvagal Massage

Masaż Poliwagalny

EQUILIBRUM Polyvagal massage

Polyvagal massage, also known as vagus nerve therapy, is designed to relax the nerve endings and facial expression muscles. Its effect is spectacular, it leads to deep relaxation, brightens, smoothes and visibly improves skin tension.
In today’s world, full of tensions and stress, as well as a decrease in the body’s immunity, stimulation of the vagus nerve turns out to be fundamental in maintaining the health and physical and mental balance of the body.
According to the polyvagal theory, the functioning of the autonomic nervous system can be divided into the sympathetic part (fight and flight), the dorsal part of the vagus nerve (slowdown, apathy, depressive behavior) and the abdominal part of the nervous system (positive state of relaxation and social involvement). These three parts regulate the functioning of the body and help maintain homeostasis – the body’s state of balance.
The vagus nerve is the X cranial nerve that connects areas of the brainstem to several internal organs and regulates most of the body’s functions necessary to maintain physical and emotional health. It directly supplies the heart, lungs and gut – our second brain.
The vagus nerve has an important immune function, it begins in the brainstem and represents 80% of the entire sympathetic nervous system. It consists of connections and branches that use various transmitters such as acetycholine (reduces blood pressure, reduces heart rate, enables digestion, calms and regenerates the body), oxytocin (allows you to establish and maintain relationships, reduces anxiety and social stress, enables the proper course of pregnancy and childbirth, increases the feeling of energy), serotonin (controls appetite, allows you to fall asleep, ensures well-being, cares for libido). The vagus nerve acts as a sixth sense – our inner subconscious brain, which interferes, gathers information from all over the body and activates metabolic regulation.


• chronic body inflammation
• weakened immunity
• arrhythmia, problems with pressure
• problems with the intestines
• digestive disorders
• Alzheimer’s disease
• problems with memory and concentration
• chronic fatigue
• mental fog
• migraines
• obsessive-compulsive disorder
• depression and anxiety states
• sleep disturbances and insomnia
• autoimmune diseases
• autism spectrum disorders

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